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dia[log]_1 ©Eliot Bessot, Lùan Marin Palma Villagra, Raphael David Wyder.png

dia[log] – translation, communication, isolation

Multimedia Installation

Who speaks? Who answers? Who listens? Who stays silent? Communication is meant to be the basis of all relationships. The audiovisual performance dia[log] explores the phenomena of translation and isolation. The signals of improvised music and generated visuals enter into a dialogue and influence each other.

The encounter of visual and auditory sensory stimuli creates an expanded space of perception, like the metamorphosis of two- to three-dimensional objects. For the harmony of the auditory and visual to go hand in hand, the synergy of both art forms is needed.

Lùan Marin Palma Villagra (BSc Multimedia Production) 

Arbër Shala (MA Multimedia Communication & Publishing) 

Raphael David Wyder (BSc Multimedia Production) 

Victoria Natalia Dvorák (BA Musik Klassik) 

Yang Zhan (BA Musik Klassik) 

Marco Abisso (MA Music Composition Creative Practice) 

Takuma Miyai (BA Musik Klassik) 

Eliot Nemo Bessot (BA Vermittlung in Kunst und Design) 

Maurice Imani Yvan Ehrensperger (BA Vermittlung in Kunst und Design) 

Danis Kobilic (BA Musik Jazz) 

Unterstützt durch:

Hugo Ryser (Leiter MediaLab/Dozent, Gestaltung und Kunst)

Christian Kobi (Dozent Musik)

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