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Horror Opera Techno (20min)

Horror Opera Techno (H.O.T.) is a performance exploring distortedness, hesitation, and feeling weird, navigating the space of its title words, rather than conforming to a rigid form. Inspired by Timothy Morton’s philosophy All Art is Ecological, which envisions an ecological society that welcomes haphazardness, brokenness, irony, and a range of not-nice emotions. The need to be in an ambiguous space. A world of seduction and repulsion rather than authority. Of truthiness rather than rigid true versus rigid false.
The performance embodies a rejection of efficiency, embracing hybridizations and acceptance of the strange. 

Ana Durán (MA in Contemporary Arts Practice)

Sarah Vogel (MA Contemporary Arts Practice)

Paula Günther (BA Musik Klassik)

Samina Molfetta (MA Contemporary Arts Practice)

Erwin Fonseca (Graduated, MA Contemporary Arts Practice)

Minami Saeki (MA in Contemporary Arts Practice)

Gouaille (Graduated, MA in Contemporary Arts Practice)

Sonia Leonne (Graduated, MA Composition)

Anthony Paccot (BA Musik Klassik)

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