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Music, Movement and Visual Aesthetics (25’)

IONISATION is a collaborative project combining sound, music, movement and visual aesthetics, namely lighting, costume design and scenography, as a way to enter inside an atomic society. 

The project is based on the piece “Ionisation” for 13 percussionists and 37 instruments, by the French composer Edgard Varèse. It is one of the first pieces of art music using only percussion instruments. 

ImageAll the performers, involved in both movement and music, will participate in a visual interpretation of the musical elements, such as the superposition of different rhythms and dynamics or each percussion instrument’s unique sonority. 

Referring to Varèse’s first ideas, IONISATION uses the interaction between physical body and musician, in the image of the behaviour of different atomic particles: each individual is a member of a group and unique at the same time, and together, they create fusion, stability, excitation, cohesion and reaction.

The project involves over 30 people including students, alumni and teachers from various HKB departments like Art Education, Classical and Jazz Music, Composition - Creative Practice, Fine Arts, Theater, Music and Movement and Sound Arts.

More about the Project: Instagram

Sarah Delacrétaz (BA Classical Music): conception, artistic lead, project management

Natacha Pensuet (BA Classical Music): artistic lead, project management

Zhuoni Li (MA Music Pedagogy): artistic lead, project management

Alice Paroissien (BA Classical Music): Percussion 

Anna Sofia Hostettler (Alimna MA Music Pedagogy): Movement 

Aymeric Pasquier (MA Music Pedagogy): Percussion 

Camille Cossy (MA Music Performance): Percussion, Costumes 

Ido Chae (BA Sound Arts): Soundtracks 

Irina Moser (BA Fine Arts): Movement

Larissa Durisch (BA Mediation in Art and Design): Movement 

Léna Carrara (MA Music Pedagogy): Costumes 

Lucas Land (BA Classical Music): Soundtracks, Video  

Matthieu Hoffmann (MA Music Pedagogy): Percussion 

Nathan Colin (BA Classical Music): Percussion 

Nina Gafner (BA Fine Arts): Technical Assistant

Núria Carbó (MA Music Pedagogy): Percussion

Oliwia Wilczewska (BA Sound Arts): Movement 

Oscar Vaurs (MA Sound Arts / Composition): Soundtracks, Videos

Patrick Herta (BA Classical Music): Percussion 

Paulo Amendoeira (MA Music Performance): Percussion 

Raisa Antonova (MA Music Performance): Piano 

Romane Bouffioux (Alumna MA Music Pedagogy): Percussion

Sébastien Lafosse (BA Classical Music): Percussion 

Stéphanie Muller Feuga (BA Classical Music): Costumes 

Théo Rossier (BA Classical Music): Arrangement of Varèse’s Ionisation 

Thomas Canna (MA Music Performance): Percussion 

Viviane Ruof (BA Classical Music Violine): Movement

Viviane Wepfer (Alumna BA Music and Movement): Movement

Zoi Argyriou (MA Specialised Music Performance): Percussion 

Supported by:

Angela Koerfer-Bürger (Dozentin, Musik) Lighting supervision

Brian Archinal (Dozent, Musik) Music supervision

Hugo Ryser (Leiter MediaLab/Dozent, Gestaltung und Kunst) Video supervision
Regine Schaub-Fritschi (Dozentin Tanz und Bewegung, Theater) Movement Supervision

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