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Audiovisuelle Performance

The project is an audiovisual performance that immerses the audience in the world of the writer’s thoughts. The texts and lyrical words are complemented by light projections and visuals that flow into each other before the eyes of the visitors. Visitors are invited to listen, discover, observe and let their thoughts run wild and free. Comfortable cushions make it possible to completely surrender to the experience and let go.

Marion Rothmund (BA Visuelle Kommunikation)

Jasmin Sonderegger (BA Visuelle Kommunikation)

Aileen Weber (BA Visuelle Kommunikation)

Hannah Billich (BA Fine Arts)

Louise Meisel (BA Vermittlung in Kunst und Design)

Milo Ranft (BA Vermittlung in Kunst und Design)

Supported by Hugo Ryser (Leiter MediaLab/Dozent, Gestaltung und Kunst)

Jessica Manga (MA Music Pedagogy Jazz): Gesang und Arrangement

Hannah Dal Cero (BA Sound Arts): Harfe, Electronics und Arrangement

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