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Music Theater (60’)

Swangate, a gathering about bird calls and animatronics is an experience in which the audience is invited to follow us into a fictional universe full of conspiracy theories, dealing with the hypothesis that artificial intelligence has already taken over the world in the form of robotic birds and sound is the only way to communicate with them. As the scene of a ritualistic, ornithological gathering, the classical theater stage transforms into a place of togetherness, of exchanging knowledge, where boundaries between the real and the fake start to blur into each other. Should we follow the path of those who say they hold the truth? Who has the compass that governs our lives?

Bernat Pont Anglada (Alumnus MA Music Composition Creative Practice) COLIBRI

João Pedro Pires Calado (MA Music Performance Klassik) FALCON

Mireia Pellisa Martín (MA Music Composition Creative Practice) PENGUIN

Severin Dornier (Alumnus MA Music Composition Creative Practice) RAVEN

Karolína Jansová (Alumna MA Theater) scenography

Erwin Sergey Fonseca Aranda (MA Contemporary Arts Practice) technical assistance

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