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What is Kulturesk?


Kulturesk is the student organisation of the HKB. It unites the over 1000 HKB students from all departments: Music, Theatre, Literary Writing, Design and Art, Restoration-Conservation, Research and CAP (Y).

The main goal of Kulturesk is to connect students across departments. Precisely because the HKB is so broadly diversified, students can benefit greatly from each other and get to know and help each other with projects. That is why Kulturesk supports inter- and transdisciplinary projects by HKB students through financial support.

Furthermore, Kulturesk advocates the ideas of HKB students to the HKB Rectorate, HKB Communications, the HKB Research Council.

Submit application/project funding


Do you have an idea for an interdisciplinary project among HKB students, but need financial support to realise it or have questions about how to approach it?

We support projects that connect people, promote exchange between HKB departments and make student involvement in society visible.

The HS23 application window is from
1 to 15 October.

We look forward to receiving numerous project applications from all HKB students.

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Want to be part of the Kultuverse?


Would you like to get involved with Kulturesk? Or do you have questions about our work? Then get in touch with us:

We are always looking for motivated students who want to help us to create a better community.
Kulturesk can help shape the HKB. Take the chance and bring in yourself and your ideas!

To stay up to date, follow Kulturesk on Instagram!

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Kulturesk, Art Students Bern
Fellerstrasse 11, 3027 Bern

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